Thursday, August 11, 2011

Angry Bird Fever

Tuition bag for kids.

I have 3 colors selection. Please refer pic below.

Measurement : Width - 12inch, Length - 14inch.

It is in double layer and there is a pocket in inner layer.

Limited qty as I only sew when my baby is asleep.

Price : RM12.00, excluding postage. Free postage if you order 2 and above.




Note: if you wish to order Angry Bird pencil case, do let me know.


Caca said...

Oh Angry Bird fabric, so cute. said...

Hi, remember me?

My daughter is a Big fan of Angry Bird.

If I want to order pink bag, a Angry Bird Pencil case with my daughter name emboidered there can or not? my daughter name is Dian Isandra.

How much will it be include the emboidered in the pencil case? ( the bag no need).

Btw- I'm Nora Beautiful Life, I'm signing with my Bizz blog here. Dian Bizz corner..:D

Working Mom said...

Omg, I can't find angry bird material anywhere!! Where did you find it??