Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Another Princess Belle

Not only the customer feel satisfy with the costume, myself too. I even can feel myself on top of the world after the praises from my customer.

This is my last dress order before I go for nesting. :)

This time the Belle costume come with sleeve, as per request from my customer.

First design was without sleeve, can view from HERE.

I am glad my customer love this costume very much. Yeah, another satisfy customer.


Anonymous said...

jess, this girl is my good fren daughter. patutlah i macam pernah tengok je budak perempuan nih! nice work!

kidsislands said...

Thanks Khadijah! The world is small ya...:)

Tank Top said...

The baby is looking very good in yellow dress. The color of dress in bright, attractive and cool. Thanks for sharing with us..