Friday, July 16, 2010

Belly Band - 肚兜

Do you still remember existence of this baby stuff? If you are not, perhaps your mom yes. In my mom's wardrobe, I still can see some of these belly band, all hand sew by my dear mom. She still well keeping them although there look old by now. :P

I will sew belly band upon request only, using premium cotton quality. :)


Haida Hussin said...

yeah i do remember them.. my mom always insist me to put it on my baby.. but i dont really like them though..hehe

but your mickey belly band is so cute!.. we malays used to call it 'barut gantung'

ILikePaperCutting said...

this is classic. I think nowaday people are using the rectangular shape. It is good that your mom is still keeping it. I am keeping 1 pair each of my kids new born/full moon clothings.

[ibuLUNAZALEA] said...

laaaa..da lma da i cri ni 'barut gantung'..nk pakaikn kt my baby much ya?

Jesslyn said...

de'Elle, hehe... not expensive pun, I will email to your yahoo soon ya.