Wednesday, December 30, 2009

DS025 - Whitish dress

This design is same as the Pinkish Dress that posted earlier. Now another customer request for white dress instead of pink. So I named it as Whitish Dress.:)

Product code : DS025

Fabric : soft viscose cotton/satin (Full lining), overlay with shining organza and embellish with small little flowers!

Price :
1-3 yo : RM55.00
4-6 yo : RM65.00


Nora said...

Hi Jessy,

How's your christmas? Hopefully you'll have a blast..:D

I'm gonna private my blog. I'll invite you using your gmail email ya..:D

Mama Mia said...


Angie said...

Hi, I just discoveredyour blog. it is awesome and collections of kid's attire are awesome. Love the whitish dress. Would be perfect dress for wedding 'flower girls'.

JK said...

Nice combination of color. White looks good!