Thursday, November 12, 2009

DS031 : Ruffled tier dress

One of the customer updated her gal wearing the tier dress here:

Product code : DS031

Material used: Soft Koshibo

Price :
1-3 yo : RM55.00(Max length till 22")
4-6 yo : RM65.00(Max length till 28")

Note : For bigger size, do contact me for the pricing.


双喜妈妈 said...

wanna order this dress for the twins, check your e-mail?

Unknown said...

hye there jess.. ingat i lagi tak? linsharliana.. :)
lama tak drop by sini.. makin cute2 collection u ya..
btw, i nak exchange link dengan u.. i'll link u kat blogshoppe i ok? daa..

Everyday Healy said...

this is so cute.:)