Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Polka Dot Suit

Finally, I managed to coax my little model to model my newly made ruffle polka dot suit with cotton material.

Product code : TP001

Price :
RM35.00 ( 1 - 3 yo)
RM38.00 ( 4 - 6 yo)


sock peng said...

very cute

nc said...

hi jess,, thanks for dropping by at my blog. n thanks for putting me on ur list hehe
u'v got a great one here. :)

keep up the great work.. :)

Nora said...

Hai Jess,

Thank you so much for your cute gift.... I just received this morning..:-). I really appriciate it. Thanks a million.

rahma said...

hello jess... thanks for ur visit. really appreciate it. great blog u hv here... keep it up ya ^0^

[SK] said...

haha, she's cute and looks gorgeous with that red polka.. and i like that pair of yellow crocs too.. so colorful and bright combination.. :)

建德 said...


Fussy mum said...

Very nice! The suit looks good on your little girl :)

Mama Mia said...

very ngam la the combination, red polka dot suit & yellow crocs & cute smiling model...:)