Wednesday, September 23, 2009

DS026 - Simple White Umbrella Gown

If you think the back is too plain, you can always add on this huge ribbon to make it more elegant look!


Brief description : Shangtung Silk. Inner layer contained linen and tutu net to make the gown look more puffy.

Price :
RM86.00 - size 1 - 3 (length till 24")

RM96.00 - size 4 - 6 (length till 30")


Elize said...


Evelyn Laiyap said...

Wow!! this one so piao liang oh.. nice!!!

Everyday Healy said...

I like white! By the way, do you have any personal blog other than this commercial blog?

JK said...

I like this very much and I think the ribbon would look good on this dress.

Anonymous said...

i also love this dress. but no occasion to buy for my daughter yet. if got any, i definitely will look for u.