Thursday, March 12, 2009

How to measure your kids?

Most of my customers having problem in measuring their kid. Yeah, it is not easy to measure if you are not a sewer. Since I am doing homemade clothing, so it is better for me to share an measurement image that I found from internet. Hope it helps to guide you guys while doing the measurement:

Image source

1. Height
2. Chest
3. Waist
4. Hip
5. Waist length
6. Arm
7. Inseam (for pants)


Anonymous said...

thanks so much on posting this! now I know measure from where to where liao, hahaha...blur me. the measurement I gave you do I need to do again?

Anonymous said...


died said...

得回家量量孩子的尺寸...但他们好像长得很快. 问题是今天量后一个星期再量时又不同了...尤其是我女儿...很老成...我跟人说儿子跟女儿是一个年头一个年尾...竟然有人相信...其实是一个四岁,一个二岁不到...晕呀.

Rose world said...

Thanks for the info Jess. Now I can start measuring my kid's stats! :p

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