Thursday, May 21, 2009

White Party Dress

Product code : DS012
Fabrication : 100% cotton with organza overlay
Color : White
Price :
RM40.00 (size : 1 - 3)
RM48.00 (size : 4 - 6)


mama23beas said...

Hi Jesslyn, thanks visiting my blog. I'm impressed with your talent, I had seen your collection of dresses and I was drooling and the price is not bad too.

Nora said...

Hi Jesslyn,

Finaly I managed to enter your blog. Last time I tried few time but cant..didn't know why..maybe I type the wrong URL or something.

Wah.. I salute for your sewing talent..and you have pretty dotters too hehe..

Well, do you have umbrella style of gown/dress for 3 ++ years old but, in black colour? I want Dian to have a black dress and look cute but elegant hehe..

Thanks Jess..and nice to meet you:P

Jess said...

Hi Nora
If you want black color, I can try to source for your the fabric.

Do drop me an email at :

Thank you.

Aunty J said...

Hi Jess,
Thanks for dropping by :) Anyway been wanting to ask when will your cheap short pants be available again for size 2-3 yrs old? I wanna get about 5 as seluar rumah for my son hehehe...btw, what kind of material are they made of? Is it like the tshirt type? Like tshirt cotton?

Ausn said...


Towards healthy and leisure life~! said...

cute little dress...

Guatyen said...

hi jess, thanks for popping in my blog, wow! you are good in sewing all the nice dresses. all the best!

Nora said...

Hi jess,

I've sent you an email on your hotmail on 23rd March on the umbrella dress. In case you didint get it yet, I want a black umbrella dress ( I dont mind about the material because i didnt know how to choose hehe..up to you la.. anything can) and dian chest is 19cm and lenght is 22 cm. She is 3 years 2 month old. how about the payment? do you need any deposit? maybe u can email me at Thanks

Ida BorneoLove said...

cute designs!! i wish i have the time to sew