Thursday, June 25, 2009

Party dress

Party dress = some may call it Princess dress; cotton fabric layer with shining organza overlay.

Product code : DS012

Price :
RM38.00 - 1 - 3 yo
RM42.00 - 4 - 6 yo


Lee said...

Hi Jess, was at Slavemom's place noticed your callsign so busybody over.
Nice blog you have.
And gosh! That is a lovely dress, very cute too...not bad price too.
Have fun and keep well, best regards, Lee.

JK said...

Haha Jess, looks like uncle Lee has been here. He has an interesting blog and I love how he writes his posts.

This is a lovely dress and would love to see it when I'm back home. There is a CNY dress which I would like to show you. Wait til I go back.

Jess said...

Uncle Lee,
Thanks for dropping by! You have a great blog, I can never write as well as you! :)

Jess said...

Call me whenever you're back!