Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Doraemon Pyjamas


Today I want to blog about Lyon’s latest pyjamas. In fact it is just a normal suit of cotton pyjamas for my girls but Lyon loves this set very very much. She wears it everyday I tell you. One time due to raining day the pyjamas did not totally dry, so I get her to wear another suit. While wearing for another suit, she keeps asking me:
“Mummy, tomorrow my “ang ang ang doreamon” will dry or not?”

In fact, I had completed this pyjamas suit almost a year ago. At that time she refused to wear and keep telling me the pyjamas is itchy while wearing. Since then I keep in wardrobe until I almost forget about it. Lately I rearrange their wardrobe and took it out again. I noticed the pant a bit short for her already.
Why she loves it? Simply becos she loves the famous manga character of Doraemon very much.

A big pocket in front panel with Doraemon image patch.


Another Doraemon and Donald Duck patch at back panel.


A small duck patch at both arm.


Some stripe at pants hem.

If you wish to do similar design of pyjamas, do contact me for more details.

Product code : PJ001

Price : RM35.00 - RM38.00


567 said...

This phjamas so cute, as well ur children ^-^


first time come...wah..u can sewed many kind of different dresses, so nice and beautiful...ur child so happiness cos have a mum like u...

Mama Mia said...

so cute la your girl in her Doraemon Pj....:)

Yati said...

OMG, so cute! You're also creative, Jess!