Sunday, February 24, 2008

Always wear the same suit!

I don’t know how many nights Lyon had been wearing this bear design of pyjamas. Yeah, never take other suit but just this bear design suit. Every night, after nagging them to brush teeth, wipe them with warm water, Lyon will take out this pyjamas and wear. No matter how you persuade her to change to others, she still insists this suit. She told me this suit very comfy and cute and want to wear it every night, without fail. Well, I just let her be as long as she can wear it all by herself.

During rainy day, if these pyjamas no dry then she will feel very upset, keep reminding me let her wear the next day once there are dry. Her jie jie, Wien cannot stand she wear the same pyjamas every day, so she try to take out other suit and coax her to change. But this stubborn girl never give way, she wants her bear bear design suit. Haha….silly Wien keep shaking her head when she saw her mei mei keep wearing the same suit.

Btw, the bear design pyjamas was sew by me, she just love to wear whatever I sew for her! :P

p/s: This is her favorite pj suit!!

If you wish to do similar design of pyjamas, do contact me for more details.

Product code : PJ002

Price : RM30.00

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