Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Light Yellow Eyelet Dress for 4 - 5 yo

Product code : DS020

Fabric : 100% cotton (Full lining at bottom)

Age : 4 - 5 yo

Length : 24 inch

Chest : 24 inch

Price : RM38.00


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Joyce Long said...

Thanks for visiting my blog really can sew so well..thumbs up..

mamabliss said...

wow that's such a pretty dress!!! :)

I'm hosting a giveaway of a clutch bag that I sew...come and join the fun ya...

here's the link

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Jesslyn said...

Magictree : thanks for the compliment!

Joyce/Mamabliss : thank you.

键轩惠馆 : 迟一些我会缝单衣,到时候我会通知你!

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mistymom said...

hi! thanks for the link. i dont think i have much experience to share with u. lol i just started sewing so that's why my baby sleeping bag was just so-so. :P u're doing a pretty good job though. :D how is ur biz n how long u been sewing?

Jesslyn said...


I start my sewing career from a knitting company many years ago, occasionally I were ask to support samples making for selective critical customers. Well, I can't tell you who are they, but you can easily come across their brand in those high ends shopping complex.

In fact I wish to turn my hobby into a profession since long time ago; unfortunately I didn't make it happen until someone set up the web page for me. Then only I make my work published.

As today, my two daughters is my biggest customer so far, I think I have to stop making new dresses for them for time being, the number of dresses they have is giving me problem to manage.

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Mama Mia said...

wah, bergayanya your little princess in her new dress...sweet!