Saturday, August 22, 2009

Baby Pouch

Material : Shangtung silk - lavender
Price : RM70.00

Picture source - sarong baby pouch


For more pictures, please visit Twinsmom's blog at here.


Material : 2 layer pouch with 100% cotton (reversible pouch)

Price :
100% cotton : RM60.00
Shangtung silk : RM70.00

Note :
1. This price for size S, M, L ( up to 26" from shoulder to hip)
2. For 100% cotton material.
3. If you prefer silk material, do let me know, I will quote you separately.

To view more sling pouch instruction, do visit here for more detail.


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Eh...this baby pouch is a great idea ya! Give the baby slings a run for their money!!